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The IFAB™ is made up of two main components


The mounting platform for the IFAB. It has two metal plates that line up with reciprocating magnets on the second component, the MAGCARD™. It is low profile and sits comfortably on the user’s lower back/waist.

The MAGCORE™ comes in two variants:

  • The MAGCORE Molle™ attaches to any existing molle pals retention system
  • The MAGCORE Belt™ attaches to any belt up to two inches in width.


Attaches to the MAGCORE via its bespoke bespoke rare earth magnets and velcro and its pouches and sleeves, made of the highest quality materials, carry the AED and all the kit you need to control a bleed.

The IFAB AED™ with full control kit weighs less than a kilogram (dependant on products included), and measures 31cm by 12.7cm.


The IFAB ™ has extremely strong, 12kg pull magnets which live on the back of the MAGCARD™. The magnets have been designed and developed specifically for tac:life. The magnets attach the MAGCARD™ to the MAGCORE ™ and also allow it to attach it to any metal surface from a vehicle side or interior, to a helicopter or an ambulance.

British Made

As a veteran-owned business, it is extremely important to us to keep our core manufacturing in the UK. Supporting British jobs and the UK economy go hand in hand with our core values.


Because our kit arrangement is linear, the IFAB™ is low profile and able to lie flat against the user’s back. This means that it can be carried covertly, nestling comfortably under the tails of a smart jacket or overtly in tactical environments such as a military or medical kit belt. The centre of gravity of the IFAB™ is close to the user’s body, meaning that the IFAB™ does not bounce in response to sudden or rapid movement. It is composed and stays in place, no matter how active you are.


The IFAB ™ can be used in many different ways and for many different purposes. It can be carried on a chest rig by simply adding a H harness, on a vehicle headrest using our vehicle adapter kit or with a satchel strap that can be added for cross body or messenger bag carry. The options are endless.

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