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Founded in 2022, tac:life is an agile business inspired by the lived experience of military and close protection veterans.

We understand the challenges of modern life and have developed a range of robust, functional and low profile carrying systems including the world’s first wearable AED and bleed control kit. Our products are equally at home in hostile environments, on the street or in the workplace.

Our solutions are highly modular and adapt easily for overt or covert personal wear: under a suit, over your combat kit or on a K-9 harness.

We have launched to market with our two base products: the IFAB MED™ and the IFAB AED™ but have many more applications already designed and ready for production.

We are committed to ensuring that our core product manufacturing and assembly happens in the UK.

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About Us

Nathan has a passion for problem-solving and likes to think outside the box

Nathan is South African and has been living in the UK for the last 12 years where he served in the British Army for over a decade. Nathan has been on numerous overseas deployments including places like Kenya, Oman, Falklands, Cyprus and Afghanistan.

Nathan has a passion for problem-solving and likes to think outside the box. It was this, together with his passion for adapting and finding better solutions for his military kit, that led him to invent a first-of-its-kind, discrete wearable first aid kit that is also modular – the IFAB. The kit is highly unique and will solve many problems in many sectors – ultimately saving many lives.